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Due North Psychology
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Anxiety is a common issue for many but it doesn’t have to be. Therapy can help you handle it.
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First Responders

Therapy addresses several of the key causes of distress for first responders.

EMDR & Trauma

EMDR therapy is form of psychotherapy that has helped millions of people overcome a wide range of psychological issues.

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EMDR & Supervision

Work one on one with Allie Mackay on those issues that are unique to therapists.

Life Transitions

We firmly believe that times of transition can be opportunities for great new growth.
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Chronic Pain

Our psychologists adopt an evidence based approach to treating invisible illness.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

We have 5 courses to provide a way forward for you to live a life that has purpose.


See below for organisations we accept rebates from.
Please check that you have cover for: mental healthcare, work cover, health fund & NDIS.

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