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Couples Counselling


Allie Mackay Psychology offers couples therapy based on Gottman Method and Imargo Relationship therapy. Gottman Method is based on Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Gottman’s 40 years of research on couples. Imago therapy, on the other hand, is designed to help conflict within relationships become opportunities for healing and growth.



The goal of therapy is to increase connection through closeness and friendship behaviours, addressing conflict productively and building shared meaning together by considering each couple’s patterns and challenges in the following areas: 

·    Conflict Management;

·    Strengthening Friendship;

·    Deepening Intimacy;

·    Building Relationship Resilience;

·    Building and Maintaining Connection;

·    Creating Shared Meaning; and

·    Enhancing Passion and Romance. 


Who will benefit:

Couples experiencing significant relationship distress

Couples wanting to learn life-long relationship skills to prosper their relationship, and

Premarital couples wanting to learn the skills research has shown to predict a successful marriage. 


Structure & Cost: 

Couples Counseling is initially broken into a minimum of 6. These 6sessions take on the following structure: 

Session 1: Joint session – Assessment of couple and presenting issues (90 minutes); 

Session 2: Individual assessment (Partner A) (50 minutes) 

Session 3: Individual assessment (Partner B) (50 minutes) 

Session 4: Joint session discuss all results and treatment planning (50 minutes) 

Session 5: Joint session for trouble shooting, strengthening ties (50 minutes)

Session 6: Joint session follow up and consolidating (50 minuetes)


We strongly suggest that a minimum 4 sessions are booked after the initial assessment process with no more than 2 weeks between them. 

The cost of this layout is $280 for the initial session of 90 minutes and there after $267 for subsequent 50-minute sessions. 

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