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At Allie Mackay Psychology Practice, we offer a range of comprehensive assessments. The assessment process and fees are all inclusive, which covers the assessment items, data analysis, interpretation, differential diagnoses, report writing and recommendations. We provide an individualised approach to each assessment and select each battery based on each persons individualised needs.

Many people are exploring neurodiversity especially after finding out that their child or other relative has been assessed. Adult ADHD and Autism assessment may form part of your treatment plan. If after discussion with your psychologist, an assessment would be supportive or help answer some questions you have, we have psychologists here who can provide assessment and reports for adolescents and adults. 


What assessments do we offer?

We offer assessments for adults and children in the following areas: 

  • Autism diagnostic assessment or screener (ADOS, ASRS, SPM, SRS, Migdas-2 etc.)

  • ADHD assessment (i.e., CAARS, Conners etc.)

  • Autism and ADHD diagnostic assessment package 

  • NDIS assessment and review report, to assist with funding and review requirements

Why Allie Mackay Psychology Practice?

  • Experienced and passionate psychologists

  • Neuro diversity affirming with psychologists with lived experience

  • Strengths-based approach

  • Competitive prices 

  • Thorough recommendations provided

  • Comprehensive exploration of differential diagnoses

  • Empowerment in understanding different brain types and in turn, the best support paths forward

We are a team of passionate neurodiversity affirming psychologists and offer a strengths-based approach. Our assessments are comprehensive and review specific areas of functioning to provide you information on which areas are positively impacted by your diagnosis and which areas can be improved with intervention. We provide a thorough review of potential differential diagnoses. Our comprehensive assessments thoroughly review multiple differential diagnoses to ensure you have the correct diagnosis. We provide an individualised approach to each assessment and select each test based on each persons individualised needs and potential differential diagnoses.


Assessment structure

Session 1: Initial appointment – Assessment of symptoms, history and preliminary screening (60 minutes). A chance for you to ask questions and be guided by the psychologist on the best assessment process. There is no obligation to go through with an assessment if you do not wish to. Included in the assessment package.

Session 2: Assessment – Diagnostic Interview and digital assessment items (60 - 120 minutes). Thereafter, supporting assessments are sent to schools, other professionals, family etc. Depending on the assessment, a second session is sometimes booked.

Report: After completing all digital assessment items, scoring and analyzing is done by our experienced psychologist. The comprehensive report is written (4 - 6 weeks). 

Session 3: Review appointment – Final session to review and discuss report findings and feedback (50 minutes). Not Included in package but is able to be requested by the client / family.

All assessments can be completed online or in person in Miranda, NSW. 

What will the assessment process be like?

Session 1 - Initial appointment

The first session focuses on screening items and in-depth developmental, symptom and family history. This session allows the psychologist to formulate the best assessment batteries and consider differential diagnoses. Screening in the first session also alleviates unnecessary costs if a full comprehensive assessment is not necessary. In the first session, the psychologist and client (or parent / guardian) will collaboratively discuss the best steps forward, potential differentials, the tests are selected by the psychologist and questions about the assessment process are answered.

Session 2 - The assessment

The second session includes a diagnostic interview which begins the formal assessment process. At the end of the session you will be emailed several assessment questions. Digital data collection is beneficial in improving affordability and time efficiency. Many assessments require corroborating evidence through a parent, teacher or others. These will also be provided at this time. Some assessment do not require this session and all items are digitally provided.   

The Report

Once all assessment items have been completed, the psychologist will conduct a comprehensive data analysis, interpret the results, corroborate the results according to diagnostic criteria to provide a diagnosis, identify strengths and areas of improvement and write a thorough report which you are able to understand. 

Session 3 - The review

An optional third session is recommended to discuss the findings of the report, any feedback and intervention strategies for the future. We can also provide recommendations for ongoing support. 

Can I get my report sooner?

After completing all assessment items, the psychologist aims to provide you with a report within 4-6 weeks.  We can consider expediting reports for funding purposes with prior notice, but we cannot guarantee a return time until all items are completed. 

Fees and Funding

  • Our assessments are individually tailored and fees vary depending on the assessment you need. Please call our reception team for a quote. Our fees range from $1,050 - $1,950 for most assessments, excluding the initial and follow-up appointments and the ADHD/ASD package. Medicare only provide rebates for selected assessments. Private health insurance rebates may apply. 

  • Our comprehensive Autism assessment fees are $1500 - $1,950 with  approx. $350.00 claimable from Medicare. These assessments can be used for NDIS. 

  • A medicare rebate of $89.45 is applicable for the initial and follow up appointments with a referral. 

What if I want medication after my assessment?

Psychologists can not prescribe medication as their main focus is comprehensive assessment and accurate diagnosis. Following a diagnosis, our psychologists may refer you for ongoing interventions or to a psychiatrist or paediatrician for pharmacology and medical review.

The minimum 6 year combined education and training pathway of psychologist includes a research component and a thorough science background which equips psychologists with the necessary skills to analyse and interpret data, and provide recommendations for treatment. Some assessments, like intelligence tests (WISC and WAIS) are restricted to psychologist use. Our psychologists have specific training in DSM-5 assessment, diagnosis and psychological interventions with a scientist-practitioner focus.

Is there availability?

We have current availability with our psychologist Jess and Alyssa. Each psychologist offers a different range of assessments. Call our reception team to find out which psychologist will be the right fit for your assessment needs. 

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