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Our whole person approach to trauma and chronic pain assists our clients to reach their goals and maximise wellbeing.

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We are recognised by clients and referrers for:

Our Vision

Is a world where life transitions are embraced as opportunities for personal growth and greater freedom

Our Mission

Is to do this by enlightening our clients. Enlighten means to: counsel, light the path forward, and assist in leaving heavy burdens behind.

Our Commitment

Is to provide evidence based therapy, attuned therapeutic alliance, and authentic values based practice. We do this through evidence based therapy, authentic practice and finding joy in our work and lives.

Meet our Founder, Allie Mackay

Passionate about guiding individuals through various challenges, Allie Mackay, founder of Due North Psychology (by Allie Mackay Psychology), brings extensive experience as a Registered Psychologist. Allie’s impactful research, published in peer-reviewed journals, demonstrates the effectiveness of her interventions in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, particularly in conditions like multiple sclerosis and migraines. As an AHPRA Board-Approved supervisor, she actively contributes to advancing the field, offering knowledge in Attachment Informed and IFS informed EMDR therapy Supervision. Allie’s special interest lies in the transformative potential of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for various conditions and traumas.

In her practice, Allie often encounters patients with physical symptoms signaling underlying stress, emphasizing the importance of understanding the connection between emotions and physical well-being. Beyond addressing symptoms, Allie delves into the profound impact of self-talk on relationships, including those with oneself. Drawing on her personal transformation through compassion-focused therapy, she guides others toward cultivating kinder internal dialogues and fostering healthier relationship.

Allie Mackay

"Wherever you go, there you are."

– Jon Kabat Zinn
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At Due North Psychology, our goals include:

We aim to reach those goals by:

Due North Psychology

How can we help you thrive?

Therapy Services

We focus on a range of areas, from anxiety disorders to support for first responders, to helping you navigate challenging life transitions.

Therapy for Therapists

We offer support to therapists for those issues that are unique to them. Work with Allie Mackay 1:1.

EMDR + Supervision

We offer education and training on EMDR to help you understand the benefits of this powerful tool and incorporate it into your own practice.

We help you thrive
during difficult times

Helping you find and re-align with your due north

If you’re ready to find your way back to yourself with caring psychologists that provide evidence-based and authentic values based therapy practices, reach out today and we will aim to get back to you same day to make an appointment via your preferred contact method.