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At your first appointment your Psychologist will ask you to complete some brief questionnaires, they may also talk to you about how you are feeling, when you first noticed symptoms, what you have tried to do about them, what has worked and what hasn't. You will be asked about your goal for treatment and what you want to be doing differently when your treatment is complete.


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Your Psychologist has completed a 6 year course of study and 2 years of supervised practice, passed a National Examination, is registered in Australia with Medicare, and annually renews registration with AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Board. They have agreed to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that ensures the protection of your rights to privacy and confidentiality and that you will be treated with Evidence Based Treatments (this means that the treatment chosen works for many people with your symptoms and this has been rigorously studied and proven over time and is significantly superior to getting no treatment). Your individual preferences form a part of your personalised treatment plan so feel free to tell your psychologist about all aspects of yourself - diversity is embraced!


At the end of the first session you should have some idea of the condition that you are being treated for, what the treatment plan will be - approximately how long it will take, and whether or not you think you would like to continue to work with that psychologist. There is no obligation for you to continue with that psychologist if you don't feel that it is a good fit. Sometimes it takes meeting a couple of people and it's always going to be ok to tell the psychologist that you would like to try treatment with someone else. We won't be offended, and your wellbeing is paramount.


Your Psychologist will stay in touch with your referring doctor from commencement through to conclusion of your treatment. This high standard of care within a team approach is an advantage for you allowing you treatment choice and charting of progress.

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We offer a variety of services and treatments for a wide range of issues people may have. Specifically we specialise in:

  • Managing chronic illness

  • Treating headaches

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Dealing with HSC anxiety and stress

  • Depression 

  • Managing lockdown fatigue 

  • Using EMDR therapy to treat trauma

  • Mindful based treatment strategies


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs and for more detail about all the Services and Treatments we can provide.



  • People who have been having trouble with sleep, appetite, racing thoughts and tense muscles (headaches, jaw clenching, etc);

  • People who have been through a tough time with loss - either recently or a while ago;

  • People who have witnessed traumatic events and/or been living with people who are currently living with mental illness;

  • People given a life-changing diagnosis;

  • People who are under work pressure and have found that they can’t “switch off”;

  • Workers Compensation claimants;